Made In NYC

Being “Made In NYC” is important to who we are and how we operate because of quality control - Katherine can personally inspect each step of production daily. We also strongly believe in supporting local businesses and the 24,000 local apparel manufacturing jobs. Each of our manufacturing partners is a contributor to our success and their expertise (sometimes multi-generational) guarantees that each garment is made according to time-honored tradition and held up to the highest standards of quality.

In 1960, 95% of clothing sold in the U.S. was manufactured in New York’s Garment District, that number has decreased to approximately 3% today. Our garments are not made overseas in factories with little oversight and lack of care, and they don’t incur an indelible carbon footprint by the time they reach your closet. The only “footprints” generated are by members of our team walking them between our 38th Street atelier and our trusted vendors nearby. 

You purchase Kung Katherine because you love the clothes, but we hope that you also care about fair labor, minimizing carbon footprints and not chasing trends and, by extension, waste. We cannot thank you enough for joining us in our effort to prioritize what we share as important: quality and timeless fashion. The same choices that gracious and iconic women have made for generations.