Out Of The Box Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season...to shop! Everywhere you look people seem to be suggesting gift ideas. While they joke about avoiding ties, socks, and fruit cakes, what they offer up is just a new take on the usual suspects: beauty products, fashion items, gadgets, and home goods. I do include some of those in my picks below, but they come from independent brands and are produced ethically and sustainably. I've also thrown in some less expected "out of the box" ideas to impress those hard to please few on your shopping list. 

Entriken Studio offers unique arrangements for biweekly, weekly, monthly, and one time delivery. Also on deck: hand forged pruning sheers for the hands on flower enthusiasts in your life, as well as a rare first edition copy of Irving Penn Flowers from Vogue 1980 for the collector you're aiming to surprise. SHOP HERE!

Nomattera Fragrances is a New York City-based company for nomads (Noma) of the earth (Terra) formed by the globe-trotting husband and wife team of self-taught perfumer Agnieszka (Aggie) and Benjamin Burnett. They create beautiful, luxurious scents with natural and organic ingredients inspired by a unique location. SHOP HERE!

Created with both you and the planet in mind, MUN's organic skin care products connect the cycles of beauty, health, and sustainability. Their travel set is the perfect way to discover MUN products or keep your skin hydrated and radiant during your next getaway, it also makes the ideal gift. SHOP HERE!

Oh wait, this one' from Kung Katherine. The perfect updated LBD (with a high/low hem detail) to get you (or someone special) through the holiday season and looking and feeling fab into the new year! SHOP HERE!

If you're really feeling bold and want to give a gift with a strong statement, an art object or piece of wearable art from our friend Sophia Wallace is the perfect answer. HerCLITERACY series addresses citizenship and body sovereignty using the medium of text-based objects, unauthorized street installation, performance and sculptural forms. SHOP HERE!

Though this post is titled "Out of The Box Gift Guide" I can't not include this book about cardboard art by Lori Zimmer, Founder of Art Nerd. Get your signed copy directly from the source while they last. SHOP HERE!

And another Kung Katherine piece. This versatile hand embroidered bolero jacket in ox blood is great as an evening wear cover up, but can also be paired with jeans and heels for a street style inspired look. SHOP HERE!

Now, for the truly original gift, how about making a charitable donation in the name of the recipient. Here are some suggestions: 





For another way to give that feels as good as getting, follow the Coalition For The Homeless 2015 Holiday Toy Drive steps to organize your own collection or drop off at one of their public receiving centers. Click here for more info.

Happy Holidays from the Kung Katherine family to you and yours!


Katerina Simonova