Embracing Benevolence/L-O-V-E

As I was chatting with my friend Katerina about what to share for the Valentine's Day Journal post that avoided the typical cliché pitfalls, a little Buddha booklet that was sitting on the desk beside me caught my attention. It was a moment of kismet as the teachings of this Love book go beyond relationships between lovers and stretch instead to manifest love for all humanity. I hope we can all learn something from these beautiful sentiments.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

God, Saint Love

Embracing benevolence is the first virtue of our true nature.

From the natural love that exists between parents and children, the five moral disciplines in human relations developed.

This Love is the source of Chinese culture.

A natural love between parents and children.

Distinct responsibilities for husbands and wives.

Mutual obligations between leaders and their followers.

A natural order between the old and the young.

Trust between friends.

The Five Constant Virtues are "Benevolence, honor, courtesy, wisdom, and trustworthiness."

The Four Cardinal Principles are "Propriety, honor, integrity, and humanity."

The Eight Virtues are "Filial Piety, sibling respect, loyalty, trustworthiness, benevolence, love, harmony, and peace."

The Ten Virtues, Six Paramitas, and Six Harmonies are the teachings of the Buddha.

Katerina Simonova