#BGWindows "Brilliant" Holiday Display

While of course "real" shopping can always be relied on for a good time or to brighten your mood on a gloomy day, sometimes window shopping, or in this case window gazing, can be just as fun!

Window displays have become an integral part of stores' marketing efforts (and use of budgets) in general, but the holiday windows in particular are now an occasion and destination in and of themselves. Each year department stores aim to outdo themselves (and naturally, each other), but one pretty much stands above the rest time after time. Bergdorf's, as it's loving to referred to, is regarded as a New York institution and there's many a reason that this legendary locale has been the center of not one, but two documentaries, made cameos in several popular TV shows and feature films from Sex And The City to How To Marry A Millionaire, and has even gotten a bevy of hip hop lyric mentions. 

For those of you that don't have a chance to visit this year, we've grabbed some snaps of the windows for you to enjoy here. 

This year's "Brilliant" display features millions of Swarovski crystals - what could be more festive and dazzling than that?! 


BG is also doing a retrospective of their windows from 2010-2015 on their website, you can view the highlights HERE. For more eye candy, pick up a copy of Windows at Bergdorf Goodman, the quintessential tribute and look back through the years.

Katerina Simonova