A Tropical Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Since my family lives in Hong Kong, I have been spending Christmases with my future in-laws at their beautiful Florida home. This year I was tasked with the easiest and most fun job (in my opinion) - table setting and decoration (Thanks Jean!). The Florida weather allowed us to enjoy an outdoor Christmas dinner. In order to burn off those "happy" calories, we've been staying active by playing tennis, gentle water polo and badminton. It's rather hard not to envy those who get to enjoy the year-round sunshine in the tropics.

Here are some of my personal favorite recipes:

1. Wedding Chicken 

2. Roasted Veggie Zucchini Pasta 

3. Salmon Pilaf with Green Onion

4. Matcha White Chocolate Cookie

5. Gold Rush (cocktail)

Please let us know if you've tried any of these and share some of your favorite recipes (or recipe links) in the comments below!



How about you? Do you prefer a white Christmas or a warm Christmas? Leave a comment below and share with us. 

See you next year!



Katerina Simonova